Friday, 2 September 2011

Hello Petal!

Look what I have been doing! Today I got all of my boring things out of the way; ie cleaning the bathroom, doing the washing (although that is a work in progress) and then I sat down and started making some crochet flowers. I think I want to make a bunch and put them in a vase. I have not worked out how to put them on a stem as yet, so when I do I may put some on my facebook site and see if anyone would like to take a bunch for themselves, or even a single rose for someone they love. They would make really cute brooches too. 
Then I made some ribbon flowers! I made a raspberry and apple cordial and got all my supplies ready and sat down and made 3 flowers. I love them.I want to make hair clip sets for girls, and some bright colour ones for brooches for jackets, t-shirts anywhere really!

Tonight I am going to my brother and sister in laws house for Mexican. So good!
I love the weekend!
x Tash

PS. Big thanks to Lil Monster Designs for making my logo, business cards, facebook page and Blog artwork. She is Amazing! x

Brand New

Welcome to Paisley, my brand new blog. I have wanted to start my very own blog for a very long time.
I have always kept journals-handwritten ones, yet there have been so many great blogs that I read every day and that really inspire me, and so I have decided to take the plunge and DO IT! 

I want this to be a big collection of everything that I love. Crafts, Cooking, all the things that make up me. Family, Friends, Work (this won't feature very much!) but I think it will end up going in directions I have not planned, and that is exactly the way I want it.

I really hope you follow along with me, as I continue to learn new crafts.
Do you want to know a bit about me?

I will post something I wrote on Meet Me At Mikes, one of my ultimate favourite blogs. I have not worked out how to do links yet, (I am new at this!) but I will try and edit it this weekend and make it work. but for now the link is ;
I live in Ballarat, Victoria. We have just moved here from South Australia, where we lived on a boat on the River Murray. We have a Border Collie called Matilda which was a challenge when living on a 1 bedroom boat, although she loves to swim and just used to jump off the back deck whenever she fancied.

But now we live in an old miners cottage near the centre of town which is a big change. We live next door to my brother and sister in law and we have a gate that goes through the back fence to each others houses. It's really nice. We finally could get all our furniture out of storage where it has been for years and years. When we unpacked it it was like getting a whole new set of furniture, because we had forgotten what was in the boxes.

I like Ballarat. It is pretty and still in the country and we have family that come over all the time which is so great. Before it was just Chris, Matilda and I, and a whole lot of pelicans and ducks.

I think this is enough for now.

I will write again very soon, but for now, I have to go and have Fish and Chips (it is Friday night and the tradition!)

x Tash