Friday, 2 September 2011

Hello Petal!

Look what I have been doing! Today I got all of my boring things out of the way; ie cleaning the bathroom, doing the washing (although that is a work in progress) and then I sat down and started making some crochet flowers. I think I want to make a bunch and put them in a vase. I have not worked out how to put them on a stem as yet, so when I do I may put some on my facebook site and see if anyone would like to take a bunch for themselves, or even a single rose for someone they love. They would make really cute brooches too. 
Then I made some ribbon flowers! I made a raspberry and apple cordial and got all my supplies ready and sat down and made 3 flowers. I love them.I want to make hair clip sets for girls, and some bright colour ones for brooches for jackets, t-shirts anywhere really!

Tonight I am going to my brother and sister in laws house for Mexican. So good!
I love the weekend!
x Tash

PS. Big thanks to Lil Monster Designs for making my logo, business cards, facebook page and Blog artwork. She is Amazing! x

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