Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ruffle Butts, Birthdays and Roly Polys

Woah. What a month.
It was my Birthday (26!)  and also so many things happened, Chris has to go to Adelaide for a funeral of an old friend, and then he had to go back to Adelaide a week later for an annual doctors test. So I have been burning the home fires, and keeping things going until he came back. Also, we are babysitting a Cocker Spaniel called Mia, who is still a puppy and so needs lots of attention. And she gets into Everything.
I have also been busy sewing madly, my little baby sister (who is actually a grown up now!) is 12 weeks pregnant and so I am making her a big baby bath full of handmade clothes and other treasures. My latest are what I like to call Ruffle Butts. I also have had a big success in the garden,the first vegies from our recently (At the beginning of winter!) started vegie garden are ready to be eaten. We now have beetroot, spring onions, and snowpeas are almoooost ready. I am so excited! 
The very first carrots out of our new vegie patch-Roly Polys! They are going to be fantastic roasted whole. YUM.

Aren't these the CUTEST Carrots you have seen in a while? 

Mia. She is a Lot Of Work!

Best Friends. 

This is the back view of the Ruffle Butt. So Cute. I am going to ruffle everything from now on if I am not careful. 

After washing the Roly Polys, I was left with two bite size bits of Carrot. And I am proud to say they were lovely to eat. 

Birthday Flowers. 

I am still experimenting with Ruffle Butts, I am not sure yet what materials work best etc. I will keep this updated.

Have a good week everyone. xxx

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