Friday, 7 October 2011

Let's Get Physical

So. Something I probably haven't shared with you guys yet (well actually I know I haven't!) is that I am quite unhealthy and overweight. In the past month I have decided to get over the whole thing and get healthy and get empowered! I have started seeing a personal trainer ( Here Is Tasha's Blog! ) who amongst other things has introduced me to the AMAZING world of boxing, AND is also quickly becoming one of my very good friends!) Also on Monday I am about to commence with her, quite a big, scary, exciting project. 'The 8 Week Challenge'. Funnily enough, I am not scared- just pumped! I find out more details on Monday so I will put a brief description on here too... If anyone has any tips, pointers, etc please comment and let me know!

Also, Thursday Night I am very proud to say I SMASHED through a wall. Not literally. When I started training with Tash I could not even do ONE sit up. Now I can do THIRTY! Proper ones! 3-0. 3 x sets of 10. 29 + 1. Yep. GO ME! And while I am giving myself pats on the back I will give myself one more, I also ran around an oval. Well, jogged. And I had to stop to walk once or twice. But I DID IT! I felt amazing. In fact I almost cried.

My next aim is to run around Lake Wendouree. The Lake! Then the next step is to run from my house to the Lake, and then back home again.

I am so proud of myself I have given myself some scratch n sniff stickers.
Link for Picture Here
Enjoy your weekend. I am listening to The Waifs, and doing my housework. Matilda is outside getting gloriously muddy as she rolls around in the wet grass and the vegie patch.
XX Tash

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