Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

That is Chris's alarm in the morning and it drives me nuts.

An update is due for my 8 week challenge. It is all thumbs up in the Brown/Grime camp, work has been stopping me from exercising me as much as I would like, which is so really the only negative I can think of right now. The funny thing is I really do notice the difference, in my energy levels and my attitude. Pretty amazing really. I have been moderately good with eating healthily and no drinking, which I am proud of!
I think the thing I am learning is that this is not just an 8 week challenge. It is a lifetime challenge. Things never just get to a point where it becomes easy and you don't have to try. Every single morning I wake up and have to make the decision to keep at it. The great thing about this is it a decision that makes me happy and feel good.
Chris's fiftieth Birthday Party is about five weeks away, and so I am starting to make all of the really fun decisions-what set up does the RSL have for the slideshow I have been secretly making? Where are we going to go out for tea on the Saturday night? How do we divide the games for the lawn bowls? What time will we pick up the cake? Etc etc. So FUN!
Anyway. Must go. Chris is home from work and I want to see how his day went. Will write a proper blogpost soon I promise. 
xx Tash

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