Thursday, 3 November 2011

What's on your telly?

One of my very favorite things is to get whatever project I am currently in the midst of, snuggle down on my couch with some sort of treat (Pistachio nuts, a bit of cake etc etc) a cup of tea and immerse myself in one of my favourite TV Shows. I love it.
I know telly is something that people shouldn't watch ALL the time. BUT. I do think that if you have had a long, hard week at work and you really don't want to talk to anyone, after five days of yapping all day to people, a night in, with soft lights, the curtains drawn, a heater near and maybe a nice black dog called Matilda asleep next to you on the couch....well. Nothing beats that.
At the moment I am plowing my way through Modern Family (This is not the Official website, The link wouldn't open!)  Season Two. I really, really love this show. Chris and I watched the whole of the first season and was tearing up at the end of each episode. Also I have been watching Wilfred. I like the Australian version better than the newly released American one, although if it like The Office,  I will have to learn to like it better than the original (British)
Also; we are absolutely addicted to Underbelly. I have missed so many episodes of the latest series, I will have to buy it in DVD. I never remember things are on. 
This post makes me feel like I am a lazy person who just sits at home all day watching movies, but I really don't!
I might update this as I discover new shows.

For some reason, I did not post this once I had written it. And now I know why. Yesterday, I came home from work sick. Proper sick. The lie in bed, can't even read because your eyes hurt, gross sick. Luckily, Chris brought me Froot Loops and also lemonade. (If you are unfamilair with the wonders of Froot Loops as a remedy, you should try it. No milk or anything, if you cannot eat anything else, just nibble on some dry Froot Loops. The sugar in them will make you feel better) That is one of mum's home remedies. Thanks mum!
What are your home remedies?
X Tash 


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